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Eight ACE Wildside Talks    February 2020

Introduction and Rivers

1. Lesley - Introduction 

John Walters - Secret life of the Dart River








Woodlands, Trees and Forest Gardens

2.  Pam’s  talk introducing her work at Druid Wood 

(Four more videos - 10 years on, growing a  woodland, a tree nursery,

hazel trees and nuts, and the mental health benefits- further down this list )  



3. Rachel Harries’ talk about Citizen Science including making an inventory of ancient trees   


Meadows, wildflowers and pollinators


4. Clare Dursley’s  talk about the importance of plant biodiversity for bees.  




5. Peter Exley - The Climate and Nature Emergency - six easy paths to a solution 






Walks, talks and workshops

6. Lucy Lepchani sharing her love of lichens    



Gardens and community spaces

7. Audrey Ryder’s talk on transforming a field into a permaculture garden and wildlife  habitat        


River monitoring

8. Simon Browning, of WRT, talks about caring for Westcountry Rivers.        





9. Anna Dunscombe  video about volunteer testing        








Four Videos About Druid Wood 

from the filmmaker Jemma Cholawo


















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