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That wellbeing and resilience are to be taken into account in all aspects of our community life.  To encourage greater integration between statutory, voluntary and local businesses supporting health and wellbeing  to take on the challenges brought about by the climate emergency.


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To gather local people’s perspectives on the climate crisis and  facilitate contact with those who are distressed. 


The climate emergency arouses fears and worries for many of us locally.  Others may have different responses and Climate Cafes can be a supportive meeting place to acknowledge and reflect on our diverse thoughts and feelings.  

For info on next  online Climate Cafe email  Amanda     Photo by Matthew Needham © 

Climate Cafes - Perspectives on the Climate Crisis 

Research needs of local people  

 Research the needs of local people and explore thoughts and feelings  in the face of the Climate Crisis.  Local people’s comments can help us to identify common cause where our group and ACE may be able to grow ideas that offer individual and community resilience.


 Many responders spoke or wrote of their desire for a community garden for  appreciating and working in nature , and as a centre to meet,  de-stress, and  relax.   We  hope the views expressed will  support ACE in developing such a space in the heart of the community.

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Create a directory of wellbeing resources

To create a directory of wellbeing  giving  information about local  resources  that can help meet the mental , emotional and physical needs that are being expressed in reaction to the climate crisis.

This will include signposts to existing service, including eco-therapies and  outdoor activities that support the environment as well as creative offerings which honour the environment such as dance ,mindfulness, song, grief tending and active hope groups.

Photo by Matthew Needham © 

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