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Want to know more about Climate and Ecological Change ?

A selection of links with further information on Climate and Ecological change. Other sources linked to the six Action Circles will follow in due course. 

Teignbridge area 


Have a look at  Action Climate Teignbridge (ACT) website and some of the links they suggest. 



A range of organisations across Devon have declared a climate and ecological emergency and have endorsed the principles of the Devon Climate Declaration. 

The Net-Zero Task Force is producing an evidence-led Devon Carbon Plan. 

This will consider the earliest, credible, date that should be set for net-zero emissions.

Planet  wide 
  • Introduction to feedback loops  narrated

        by Richard Gere 2021




  • TEDx NASA Climate Change: Fact And Fiction’ -

        overview of the Climate Crisis – Dr Michael Mann

"Climate and Ecological Crisis - what's all the fuss about"

David Ramsden, as part of his talk, has pulled together a helpful list of links covering Taking Action, Climate Change, How  to personally cope, Protest Groups and The sixth Mass Extinction. 

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