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Want to know more about Climate and Ecological Change ?

See below for a selection of links with further information on Climate and Ecological change created by David Ramsden to support his  talk 
"Climate and Ecological Crisis - what's all the fuss about".
To find out more about David's talk visit his  facebook page and a webpage.


 Look at the voting record of your MP -

 Enter your postcode to find your MP. Click on your MP’s full vote analysis page’ and scroll down to find s/he voted on Environmental Issues’

How to change your electricity supplier   

In your internet browser, search for ‘How to switch energy supplier and shop for a better deal ofgem’ and then scroll down past the adverts for a  100% RENEWABLE SUPPLIER.

Moving your money away from fossil fuels

The Big Five UK banks all invest their customers money (your money) in the fossil fuel industry.

How to reduce your carbon footprint at home


Choosing the most environmentally friendly products – subscribe to Ethical Consumer magazine


Layman’s guide to the Climate Crisis and Actions being taken to tackle it –

‘Just Have a Think, the Climate and Sustainable Energy Channel’ has published a new short video every week since March 2018.

Search YouTube for ‘Just Have a Think’

What the world needs to do to meet emission reduction targets Exponential Roadmap Project Drawdown


How to talk to people about Climate Change

 Talk to your colleagues, friends, and relatives about Climate Change using the method described in this video:


or search for ‘The secret to talking about climate change Dr Renee Lertzman’


About the climate crisis

Introduction from NASA scientist Dr Bruce Wielicki.

or search for ‘TEDxNASA Climate Change: Fact And Fiction’


For a scientific overview of the Climate Crisis (mainly in line with IPCC) – listen to Dr Michael Mann

or search for ‘This is the proof climate crisis is man made Michael Mann’


For a scientific assessment of Arctic warming, its global impact, and an honest appraisal of underreporting (underestimates) by the IPCC

Listen to Dr Peter Wadhams For example -


or search for ‘IPCC Underestimates & Political Cowards’


Denial – find out how the fossil fuel industry blocks action on climate change

Making Sense of Climate Science Denial –For example -

or search for ‘DENIAL 101 Introduction to denial’ Or ‘DENIAL 101 five characteristics of denial’





An introduction to the Sixth Mass Extinction On search for ‘It’s okay to be smart – the Sixth Extinction’  or search for ‘Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction’



 12 minute BBC Radio Podcast  Adapting to the changes that are coming 

A walk with Prof. Jem Bendell, author of Deep Adaptation 



Extinction Rebellion -

Schools Strike for the Climate -


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