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Ashburton Climate Emergency (ACE) is a dynamic grassroots community group, sanctioned and supported by the Town Council. It was set up in spring 2019. ACE aims to build resilience and help move Ashburton towards becoming a net-zero carbon town by 2025 through participative partnership action.

We want to involve the local community in practical individual and community actions that connect us to each other and the land, create community, combat social isolation, teach new skills and encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyles. After all, everybody has an impact on the environment – through our food, travel, how we heat our homes etc - and has an interest in the quality of life of future generations.

Most of this activity went to ground in March 2020 in response to Covid-19 and a new aspect of Ashburton's resilience rapidly emerged as some 300 resident volunteers turned their attention to supporting those in need during lockdown including following up over 2000 telephone requests. A big thank you to them and all the front line workers who kept us safe and supplied us with food and other essential services.


In 2022 ACE we have aspired to focus on Community projects whilst continuing to  to cement closer relationships and partnerships with local schools, businesses, charities and similar enterprises in Ashburton and neighbouring towns and villages, as well as with District and County Councils and Dartmoor National Park Authority. 


  •    Reduce Green House Gas emissions 

  •    Build resilience to climate change

  •    Encourage biodiversity and the sustainable use and management of land

  •    Build community  increasing connection and reducing isolation

  •    Encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyles for travel, eating, waste,           purchasing, recycling, growing and energy

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