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  • Fly less

  • Switch to  public transport, bicycle or walk  where possible

  • Drive less & slower 

  • Switch to electric 

  • Car share

  • Work from home, use video links for meetings

  • Shop local

  • set up a local Transport project


  • Eat less meat particularly sheep and cows

  • Eat local and in season 

  • No pesticides

  • Grow your own

  • Minimise food waste

  • Compost

  • Boycott factory farming

  • Join the Community fridge or Growing spaces groups or start a new project


  • Improve your home insulation

  • Generate renewable electricity

  • Use 100% renewable electricity supplier

  • Replace inefficient boiler 

  • Use LED bulbs

  • Turn thermostat down

  • Switch your heating to 100% renewable

  • Join or start a local Energy project


  • Find space for wildflowers

  • Plant trees and food-producing plants

  • Create wildlife gardens and ponds

  • Use eco-friendly detergents and toiletries

  • Keep toxins out of our water and soil

  • Join a wildlife or citizen science project

  • Explore and love our wild spaces

  • Join  or start up a Wildside project


  • Buy less stuff 

  • Become an ethical consumer

  • Avoid plastics

  • Buy local

  • Reuse and repair

  • Wear clothes more times & buy second hand clothes

  • Divest investments in fossil fuel companies

Community care

  • talk to and listen to neighbours

  • find out how you can help others

  • signpost services

  • Start up a Local Wellbeing project

Lobbying and protest

  • Lobby your MP

  • Lobby your Town, District and County Councillors

  • Check out local Extinction Rebellion group

  • Examine the sustainability of major planning applications

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