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To  encourage the sustainable use and management of land in and around Ashburton, increase the production of local food and other produce, whilst sequestering carbon and increasing soil health and biodiversity, and initiate actions that reduce waste and create resources that benefit the community and provide resilience for the future




Wouldn't it be good to see more fruit trees  planted  and  community gardens developed in Ashburton?

There is a new found energy to bring together new and existing groups and individuals to make this happen and to  actively involve  children and youth groups.  The Town Council has agreed and the plan is plant in the Autumn of 2021 and Spring of 2022.

  Would you like to be involved? Are you part of a group that might like to adopt a container or piece of land, and use it to grow plants for all to enjoy?

 Contact Ian Pickvance for details

Community Gardens- spaces for growing edible plants

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Create a network of tree owners

Edible Trees of Ashburton  - A Community Orchard which already exists!

If you have got anything edible that grows on a tree, a tree in a pot on the patio or a swathe of mature trees then this is for you!

Join our Facebook Group  or  contact Ian Pickvance for details

Organise shared meals using seasonal surplus produce

We plan to run community meals which use local produce that is plentiful at the time (sourced from  local gardens, allotments and/or Food in Community.)  The meals will be preceded by cookery workshops for children and parents, offering simple recipes that will inspire families to use seasonal vegetables as the basis for tasty meals on an ongoing basis.

By sharing good local food with others in the town, we will both encourage community cohesion and promote more sustainable and healthier eating habits.



There is an intention to start a compost project for local people. We are currently looking for a suitable spaces.


Any ideas?


Anyone want to get involved? 


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