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To increase community investment into renewables and insulation to the point where Ashburton has sustainability of energy supply.



To educate and enable  residents to switch energy suppliers to renewable energy suppliers

Why not change to a Renewable energy supplier?

  Install solar panels ? 

Devon Solar Together,  led by Devon County Council, is partnered by 10 of Devon’s planning authorities. Devon’s householders can  join DCE’s solar panel group-buying scheme.

Devon Solar Together  is offering homeowners the chance to

buy high quality solar PV more cheaply than if they were buying alone. Research by the University of Exeter shows that 19 per cent of all Devon’s carbon emissions are created by our homes, with more than half of those by grid-supplied electricity.  

 More information about the project can be found on the Solar Together Devon website.


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A Teignbridge wide cooperative society called TECs   is up and running. It is part of a Devon wide network of Community Energy groups DCEN which has set up a separate commercial arm for larger cross regional renewable projects Devon Energy Collective CIC.

To work with a community energy co-operative group to develop larger scale renewable energy schemes & independence

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