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 For a local  transport system with a reduced carbon footprint which provides  better air quality, fewer accidents, health benefits, quieter neighbourhoods and  improved public spaces and good links to affordable and low carbon  national public transport networks


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 Build on previous initiatives 

Could you get involved on starting a new project or rebooting an old one?

  • building links to local and wider Transport Lobbying groups? For example  the Transport Group within Action Climate Teignbridge(ACT).

  • Creating an accessible list of (and links to) bus services through Ashburton and Devon wide car share services?

  • Working with a local school to start conversations about being more environmentally responsible and considering alternatives to driving, including Walking Bus, Lift-sharing, cycle training  and Safe Cycling .

  • Supporting local cycle groups and Forums to promote electric bikes and develop cycle routes to and from Ashburton.


Back in 2020 We asked local people what their priorities were for improving the provision of transport facilities in Ashburton.

The top priorities were for improvements to public transport, cycling and walking plus more low carbon travel.


The most popular projects were reducing the use of cars for school travel, providing electric vehicle charging points, local shopping and improved bus services.

If you haven't filled in the questionnaire 

Transport Questionnaire

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