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At present the Covid-19 pandemic, cost of living crisis and wars across the world are very pre-occupying. But unfortunately, the climate crisis has not gone away, it looms large upon the horizon. It is a difficult subject for many of us to engage in: it raises difficult emotions – and not everyone thinks it’s important. Whatever your own thoughts and feelings about it, we invite you to share them. We are interested in your stories, and look forward to sharing ours.

Three  online Climate Cafes, have been hosted by the Wellbeing and Resilience Group.  It is a space for all to listen and share thoughts and feelings on the climate crisis in a safe and holding environment.  If you wish to find out more please ring Thais on 07887 805854, Paul on 07793583615 or email Amanda on

More trees in Ashburton?

Wouldn't it be good to see more fruit trees  planted  and  community gardens developed in Ashburton?

Can you suggest anywhere in  Ashburton where trees could be planted?

The Ashburton Trees group plan to approach  the public spaces planting project in four, two-month blocks : April-May, June-July, August-September and October-November. The last period is envisaged to be the prep and planting stage and is open ended to allow for weather/availability of people and trees/ anything else which might crop up.


Fruit/Edible trees are envisaged as part of the mix, so that a 'trail' can be created for children (and adults!) to follow, identifying and learning about the trees and enjoying the fruits of their labours at the appropriate time. Children from the local primary school have already been involved in the early mapping stages, lockdowns and classroom closures notwithstanding, and we feel that children and young people should be encouraged to be involved. They are the ones who will see the trees grow and mature after all.

Funding and help/advice with supplies of trees and associated planting consumables; stakes, tree-guards and so on will obviously be sought and if you can be of assistance in this respect and require registration or applications completing, please let Ian  know.

Can you can spot a place to plant trees - even if it's only a space where one or two trees might go?


Contact Ian Pickvance via the Town Hall or  email

Edible Gardening Around Town
Another project that has come up in discussion is having edible plants around town, either in containers or in small patches of land that are not otherwise being used. This idea was launched some years ago by Incredible Edible in Todmorden – a town that is now dotted with “help yourself” fruit and vegetable beds. Are you part of a group that might like to adopt a container or piece of land, and use it to grow plants for all to enjoy?  They don’t have to be edible if you desperately want to grow roses, but there are many beautiful plants which also provide food, which means people can have a healthy snack as they stroll around town. 

Contact if you like this idea and would like to be involved.


ACE Community Tree Planting

Socially distanced. Bring a spade and refreshments. Children welcome. 

NEXT DATES 4 and 5th MARCH 2023


Phone Pam 07973412681
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Seed Collecting, Community Tree Nursery, Tree Maintenance, Coppicing


Online Talk -'Climate & Ecological Emergency? - What's all the fuss about?'


Date for next ZOOM talk  to be confirmed.

This is a talk by David Ramsden MBE, an experienced and many say “inspirational” speaker. The talk is a fact-filled, easy-to-follow look at the whole subject of climate and ecological breakdown & possible solutions. While i
t’s aimed primarily at people who want to know more it is  well worth tuning in even if you think you know the whole story. 

Check out David's  facebook page and a webpage.

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