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Teignbridge area 

Have a look at  Action Climate Teignbridge (ACT) website and some of the links they suggest. 



A range of organisations across Devon have declared a climate and ecological emergency and have endorsed the principles of the Devon Climate Declaration. 

The Net-Zero Task Force is producing an evidence-led Devon Carbon Plan. 

This will consider the earliest, credible, date that should be set for net-zero emissions.

CAG Devon

CAG is the organisation that supports community groups such as the Fridge and the Repair Cafe and they are organising their annual Skillshare on Saturday November 11th (see details below).  One of the workshops is about becoming an Energy Champion....  They're usually very well organised events with lots of good ideas and networking opportunities.  


SkillShare23’s theme is “Creating a climate for wellbeing”, recognising that volunteering for local environmental projects and climate action can have a hugely positive impact on individual and community wellbeing.  We have a wealth of exciting workshops lined up, not to mention delicious food freshly prepared by ReRooted, and plenty of opportunity for inspiration, celebration and networking.  We’re covering a spectrum of topics including: reduce, repair and reuse – gleaning – connecting with nature – reducing single-use plastics – pollinator projects and setting one up – working through the arts to create climate action – rivers, citizen science and community connections.  There’s a chance to get handy and contribute to the Mossy Carpet project, to practise your visible mending skills, and to plot and plan your next steps.  And of course there’s cake!  It’s at Cullompton Community Centre, on Sat 11/11, it’s open to all and it’s free. There really is something for everyone! Full programme and booking here: Bring a friend, or three!

Growing space – Ashburton.

The aim of Growing Space is to engage residents of Ashburton in a project to promote their physical, social, spiritual and mental wellbeing through growing and sharing food.


Share-shed – a library of things.

All kinds of equipment and tools can be borrowed at low cost. Book on-line.  The Share-Shed van calls at the Ashburton Arts forecourt every Wednesday morning from 10.30 for loans and returns. tel. 07516 908237

Barn Owl Trust

The practical work dates are:

November – Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th

December – Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th

January – Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th

February – Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th

March – Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th

All events are 10am-4pm.


More details available on the Winter Work Party – LLP Conservation Days page.

Devon Wildlife Trust

Cricklepit Mill, Commercial Road, Exeter, EX2 4AB


Phone: 01392 279244


keep an eye on the DWT events page

Community Orchards
We’re currently looking for places to plant community orchards. Communities can apply for up to 20 orchard trees to plant in any space which you have permission for, and that can be enjoyed by the wider community.  We have a variety of apple trees available, with the possibility of a few pear, cherry or plum trees depending on availability. Stakes, rubber ties and protective spirals are also provided. To find out more about this scheme and apply, please contact Jaz Atkinson (Community Engagement Officer for the project) with some information about who you are, where your orchard will be based, and how many trees you would like to apply for.


Citizen Science recording - Our citizen science programme is gearing up for a busy season monitoring lichens, brown hairstreak butterfly eggs and harvest mice. If you’d liked to get involved then join us at one of our beginner training sessions.
Lichen: Torquay - Saturday 25 November . contact Lindsay on who is organising some group recording sessions so you can improve your skills and confidence.
Brown Hairstreak Butterfly: Training will be held on 9 and 16 November, 8 December and 11 January.  We’re still working on the locations so keep an eye on the DWT events page for full details. For existing Brown hairstreak surveyors, please contact Lindsay on to express your interest in surveying this year, and to agree your survey locations.

Moor Trees

Moor trees have a vision for Dartmoor, one that looks wilder, with woodlands that form part of a mosaic of restored natural habitats, offering significant benefits in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss; woodlands that coexist with farming, archaeology and recreation, connecting people to nature and to their heritage. Dartmoor is unique in that it is one of the few remaining areas in southern England large enough for an ambitious rewilding project like this to be possible. Our vision is to restore Dartmoor’s woodlands by encouraging the natural regeneration of native species that is already taking place in some areas, and helping to establish a network of community woodlands, planting trees where necessary. By 2050, we hope to see a wilder, more natural Dartmoor, with restored moorland habitats and semi-natural grazing managed by local farmers and communities. We also believe that a wilder Dartmoor will be good for the local economy, improving existing livelihoods as well as creating new opportunities.


Would you like to be a part of our new vision for Dartmoor? Find out how you can get involved.

Sustainable South Brent 

SSB was set up in 2006. It promotes and delivers actions, projects and initiatives that encourage public participation in helping to ensure the long term sustainability and character of the local area, at the same time increasing social cohesion and developing skill sets in the community.

Sustainable Crediton  

Sustainable Crediton's mission is to help people in Crediton and the local area to lead more sustainable lifestyles and work towards a carbon neutral future.

Online Talk -'Climate & Ecological Emergency? - What's all the fuss about?'


This is a talk by David Ramsden MBE, an experienced and many say “inspirational” speaker. The talk is a fact-filled, easy-to-follow look at the whole subject of climate and ecological breakdown & possible solutions. While it’s aimed primarily at people who want to know more it is  well worth tuning in even if you think you know the whole story.

 Enquiries to or call 01364 255256 weekdays between 9am and 4pm

Check out David's  facebook page and a webpage.

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